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Time Square Wine Club DAO

Time Square Wine Club DAO in Time Square is a new investment networking event focusing on the latest advancements in web3 technologies on Thursday. The event aims to bring together leading entrepreneurs, investors, industry experts, and thought leaders from the tech world to discuss topics such as new web 3, Security Tokens, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and much more. This event will feature speakers from the space who will share insights, strategies, and experiences as well as networking opportunities. Time Square Wine Club DAO is the perfect place to gain a wealth of knowledge about the new wave of financial opportunities available in the modern Web3-economy.
Attendees will also have the ability to connect with other professionals and network with potential partners as well as make future collaborations. If you are interested in Time Square Wine Club DAO, please click the button below to sign in, and we will randomly invite 3 guests from the applicants to join Time Square Wine Club DAO. Or, you can directly send your resume and achievements to the VCV contact Email address.

We welcome all project proposals and will review them promptly.

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