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VCV Digital Group provides critical computing power to the fast-growing eco-system of Web 3.0, enabled by the invention of Bitcoin and Blockchain.

We believe the blockchain native computing infrastructure will replace the current dominant centralized platforms with its transparency, security, protection of privacy and censorship resistance.

Even more importantly, the development of the blockchain eco-system will revolutionize the financial services industry and levelized the field for all participants .

VCV Digital Group Edge

Power sourcing

Through its infrastructure affiliate, we have sourced over 900MW of electricity to power our computing centers.


Profitable BTC computing business and 50+ years of collective deal-making experiences in real estate, private equity and digital assets.

Deep industry network

Close industry relationships in both US and Asia allowing market access, intelligence and technology edge both on the power (US) and miner side (China).

Risk management

First-hand risk management experiences in the Global Financial Crisis.

Growth story

We stay very hungry and have a concrete and speedy path to industry leading market share.

Blockchain we support

VCV Digital Infrastructure 

VCV Digital Infrastructure creates sustainable energy sources to power next generation data centers.

Combining renewable energy development and data centers helps to accelerate energy transition and computing infrastructure deployment. 

Wind compute

Solar compute

Energy storage compute


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Oklahoma, Project OKC

Oklahoma, Project OKC

South Carolina - Project Spartanburg

South Carolina, Project Spartanburg

Minnesota - Project M

Minnesota, Project M

VCV Digital Renewal

VCV Digital Renewal turns outdated American power infrastructure into 21st century sustainable Digital Power Park encompassing solar, wind, energy storage and data centers.



Coal plants get refurbished into sustainable data centers


Tailored solutions

VCV Digital Vision

As a principal operator in the digital assets mining business, we understand the pain points first -hand.

We aim to provide tailored solutions in acquisitions, logistics, warehousing and deployments for miners, mobile data centers and critical electrical equipments.


Tailored solutions

VCV Digital Solutions

VCV Digital Solutions is the go-to funding source for early stage aspiring crypto/digital assets projects or companies.

We are long term investors aiming to provide capital, advice and support for projects we believe will change the world.


We are long-term investors

VCV Digital Bio

VCV Digital Bio is focused on turning harmful garbage into clean energy with patented gasification process, eliminating methane, the most potent Green House Gas contributing to climate change.


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